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Joe's Notaries-Titles, Wills, Affidavits, legal forms. 

Title, Notarization, Legal Forms

Joe's Notaries is a mobile Notary Public Agency that can travel to you if it is not convenient for you to come to the Notary Public office location. Many times, Joe's Notaries can travel to your job site, or office and complete your paper work there. There is a fee for travel,  which varies according to the distance I must travel.  This can be a viable solution at times. I will always let you know what the fee will be.

What can a Mobile Notary Do For You?

      There are times when it is not convenient to travel to a Notary Public's Office to complete legal forms, notarizations and other forms required from time to time.  It is at those times when a mobile notary can service you the best.  I will come to you, and we can conduct business at your office or home to complete your affidavit of residence, or other forms.  I can meet with a client anywhere you need me to be. I have already done signings in a MacDonalds restaurant, and other locations. 

      The key here is that it will be more convenient, if it can be done quickly.  The client can breathe easy because the notarization is done, and they can move on to get their transaction done.

      Some of the key things to remember, not only for mobile notarizations, but for all documents.  DO NOT pre-sign any document that requires a notary public to witness it.  Yes, a notarization is a witness. Be aware that if a witness is required, you should arrange for that to occur prior to your appointment.   Sometimes you will need one(1) witness, and at other times there will be two(2) witnesses required.

      In many kinds of transactions, ID is required, most frequently with photos.  Drivers License is the most used, and also the most difficult to verify.  Passports are good if you have them.  If a notary is taking a little time to make sure you are you, don't be offended.  It is important to us that you are protected when doing any legal document.  In some states a fingerprint is done to confirm identity.  Louisiana does not have that requirement yet, but it may be a reality down the road.  It is for the protection of our clients. That is a good thing.