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Joe's Notaries-Titles, Wills, Affidavits, legal forms. 
  • There is no substitute for experience.  Every Notary Public holding a public office since 2005 has had to work for their commission, for the privilege of serving the public in the state of Louisiana.  This is not to say that Notaries prior to that time did not work hard to earn their commission.  It does mean that the testing and education has been increasingly more difficult each year.

  • Because of the additional education and testing, most notaries since 2005 are qualified statewide, and enjoy more benefits than those restricted to their own parishes. (prior to 2005) .  Please note that many notaries in Louisiana commissioned prior to 2005 have paid a fee, and taken a test to become qualified statewide, so you cannot always determine jurisdiction by the year of commission.

  • Joe West, AKA Joe's Notaries, has been involved in many different types of legal notary documents since July of 2015, when I was commissioned in Terrebonne Parish.  I have studied many different kinds of Mortgage documents, and study mortgage laws, to be able to notarize mortgage signings throughout the state.  I also do simple wills, mandates (also called Power of Attorney in other states), Affidavits, Title transfers (both immovable and movable), Provisional Custody forms, Affidavits of many types (for schools).  If you are in doubt, call me and I will tell you if I can do it, or I will also tell you if you need an attorney or other professional.

  •   You will notice that the emblem on the Home Page shows that I am a member of the Louisiana Notary Association. (LNA)  This is important to me, and shows you that as a professional, I am serious about keeping up with Notarial Law, and my education in this area.  I am also a member of the National Notary Association, and they require that I have a criminal background check every year, update my certification to know how to conduct business, and upgrade my skills in the area of notary documents, as well as the ever changing mortgage markets.

  • You will also note that, unlike most notaries anywhere, I do allow the use of Debit Cards and Credit Cards for my services.  As long as these services are not abused, I will continue to do so, as a convenience to my clients.