There are two basic types of Mandates, or "Powers of Attorney", as they are frequently referred to.  A general Mandate, for varias purposes, usually costs about $68.00, depending on the need.  Please note that it does not survive the principal, (the person that makes the mandate), and when the  principal dies, the mandate terminates.

      There is also a mandate known as a Medical Mandate, used to transfer authority in certain medical situations.  The average cost for this type is $75.00  

    If you have questions about Power of Attorney rules, please call me at (985) 870-8896.


       In some matters a person may be unavailable to enter into a particular transaction or relationship or to personally appear before a notary in order to execute a particular juridical act.  In that event he/she may still be a party to the act, transaction, or relationship through another person authorized to represent him/her on his/her behalf.  This is frequently referred to as "a power of attorney" in other states outside of Louisiana.

      Notarial Acts will frequently use the more common terms of "power of attorney", simply because it is a more familiar term.  At the same time, in the laws enacted in Louisiana, the term "power of attorney" will not appear, but "mandate".  It is essentially the same.  Even the mandate embraces the common law principles of the  power of attorney.  This is referred to as representation, and is the authority of one person to represent another person in legal relations.  You can find this law in La. C.C.  article 2985.

    * Keep in mind that each mandate is different. Information is required to make sure each one is legal and properly executed. Ask your notary what information is required to make the mandate, (Power of Attorney) work for you.

    So if you simply can't be there to get it done yourself, you can use a mandate, properly notarized in advance, to authorize another person to represent you in the transaction, relationship, or act.  Call Joe's Notaries if you have questions about how this works.

    Please keep in mind that a Notary Public can not advise you if this is the proper step to take in your situation.  However, if you KNOW that it is right for you, and you have questions about how it works, please contact me and ask me.  I will be happy to tell you how it works.

   A special mandate is available that gives special privileges to the agent, or recipient of the Mandate.  It is all encompassing, including medical rights.  Call for details on this one.  each one is separate, and custom tailored to each person.  The average price for this type is $65.00. 

    Since I am a Mobile Notary, the charge for going to a site will vary from 25 to 70 dollars.  Distance will make the difference.

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