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Form Name
Average Fee
Auto Title Transfers


Office of Motor Vehicle File Processing
Form Affidavits
Personal Acknowledgements
General Mandates (Power of Attorney)
Acknowledgement of Paternity
Customized Affidavits (drafting and execution)
Gun Permits
Customized Authentic Acts
Provisional Custody by Mandate
Simple Testament (Will)
Cash Sale
Incorporations, LLC, Partnerships
Act of Sale with Mortgage
Travel Fee (depends on distance)
Promissory Note

These prices are taken from the most recent survey of notaries public all over the state of  Louisiana.  They are different for each segment of the state, but these are the acceptable fees for the southeast section of Louisiana.  They may be higher in other parts of the state.

There are many other forms that a Notary Public can draft, and prices will vary from Parish to Parish, and even among Notaries. Always call ahead, and perhaps the price will be different depending on your individual circumstances.

    The list to the left is for Terrebonne Parish. It will vary in other Parishes.  A mobile Notary Public will normally charge more to charge for the time, travel, gasoline and distance.

    If the form you need is not listed on the left, call and ask for the rate.  Thank You

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