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Provisional Custody - What is it?

There are times when we can't take care of our own children.  While this can be heart-breaking, there are options, if we have a responsible someone that we trust, and they are willing to help us.


   Often these are special circumstances.   It only matters that someone is willing and able to take temporary care of our beloved children.  Here is what you should know about a "Provisional Custody By Mandate"! 


  First of all, there are those times when a parent must be incarcerated, for whatever reason.  What do they do with their children?  You could do nothing, in which case the state will make sure they are taken care of.  I have been assured that the state of Louisiana has no desire to take custody of any children, as they already have more than they desire.  This is not usually a great option, even though it will work, when there is no other option.


Provisional Custody is for anyone that needs to transfer care of their child(ren) to someone else, for a period of time.  Vacation, Leave of Absence from the area, or any other reason that separates the parents from the children.  

If you know someone, that is available, and willing to take that responsibility on, for a temporary time, it is usually better, especially if the children know the person, or family.  The Provisional Custody is only good for a period of one(1) year from the date it is completed and notarized.  If the period of incarceration will last longer than one year, a court appointed custody situation may work better, since the Provisional Custody would require resigning and re-Notarization after a year.

    Call Joe for additional information.  I will let you know, based on your circumstances, if you would benefit more from legal advice from an Attorney.  If a temporary situation, this option will work fine.  Call me at (985) 870-8896 for additional information and assistance.