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It would be difficult to talk about a Will, or Testament (as it is called in Louisiana), without also talking about a succession.  A succession is simply the transfer of the estate of a deceased person ("the decedent") to his successors. La. C.C. art 934. 

A person could die with a testament, which is called a testate succession, or without a testament, called an intestate succession.  A testament or will makes all the difference, because it controls the transfer of the assets from the decedent, to the heirs in an orderly fashion, according to the exact wishes of the decedent.  Without the testament, the state would dictate where the assets would go, according to a set of rules used to settle assets of decedents that die intestate.

A Testament is always a better plan.  Joe's Notaries can construct a simple will, according to the answers that you supply to a will questionaire, which will be included on this site.  Once those questions are answered, its a matter of putting it together, from your information,  It normally takes a couple of weeks to have all the language in the will formatted to the wishes of the client.  See the pricePage for details on cost, although that can vary.  Call Joe's Notaries, or drop us a line at  We will be in touch to answer all of your questions. 

    A living Will will give another person the authority to make decisions for the principal in the event the principal is not capable of doing so, i.e. pulling the plug on life support equipment, witholding food and medication etc.  In the event of eventual and certain death, this can be a valuable option.  The average fee for this type of will is only $35.00 If mobile, there could be a charge for travel.  See Mandate for other options. 

You can always call us at (985) 870-8896.  I receive calls on Skype at joewest8414

The average price for a simple will in the Terrebonne Parish area is $150.00.  This will vary with the complexity of the will, and may be different in different areas of the state.  Many people put off making a will because of the expense.  Please call and see what we can do with that.  A will is so important, and an Intestate Succession does have drawbacks.  Plan in advance.