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The Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) in Louisiana has a huge responsibility to the public.  The OMV is part of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections in Louisiana.   The number of notarial instruments executed in connection with titling and registering motor vehicles is so great it is practically incalculable.

Under Louisiana Law, no person may convey ownership in a motor vehicle without delivering to the buyer a certificate of title issued by the commissioner of motor vehicles in the name of the seller properly endorsed by the seller or donor of the vehicle.  Endorsement is defined as the seller signing in the presence of a notary or in the presence of two witnesses, one of whom then executes a statutory acknowledgement in the presence of a notary. La. R.S. 32:705

THE OFFICE OF MOTOR VEHICLES - The OMV administers the Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title law (La. R.S. 32:701 et seq) and is responsible for ensuring that Louisiana's motor vehicle owners, dealers, or financers, enjoy the benefits of secure title and interest in their cars, trucks, and trailers.  The certificate of title issued by the OMV is proof that the person named on the certificate is the titled owner of the vehicle.  Because of the significant value of the property involved, it should be no surprise that this agency is meticulous in its requirements for supporting documents that prove the sales and transfers of the vehicles for which it issues a certificate of title.

Supporting documentation for a used vehicle sold and transfer of the certificate of title from the seller to the buyer would normally include the Title, properly signed, endorsed on the reverse, and notarized.  If the title is not going to be notarized initially, then two witnesses should attest to the sale, and one of those witnesses may come before a notary at a later date to acknowledge the sale, as one of the signing witnesses to that same sale.  Other documents would include the Bill of Sale, which although a part of the newer titles, is recommended for used vehicles.  The other would be the act of donation if the vehicle is being donated. 

Please call the notary that you choose to do the transfer and ask questions if you don't know what to do.  They should be able to guide you.  We are here to help you in matters dealing with your vehicles.   The price for the average Transfer for a Certificate of Title in Terrebonne and Surrounding Parishes is $34.00.  If a Bill of Sale is required, there is a $15.00 charge, for a total of $49.00.*


  * Please note that I can collect the fees, and do the processing for you at motor vehicle.  There is a $17.00 fee for that service.